Pengaruh Dukungan Organisasi Menjembatani Faktor Internal dalam Individu ke Intensi Tindakan Whistleblowing

Imanda Firmantyas Putri Pertiwi, Intan Nur Prasasti, Zakky Fahma


This research aims to provide an overview of how much person’s internal factors such as professional commitment, anticipatory socialization and locus of control can affect their intention to perform whistleblowing action when they find fraud within the institution, also how strong is the organization’s support in moderating internal factors to the whistleblowing intentions. The method used in this research is Moderated regression analysis (MRA) followed by sub group moderated analysis. The results obtained from this study are proven that professional commitment can significantly improve the whistleblowing intentions, but anticipatory socialization and locus of control despite showing a significant influence, instead it shows negative direction. Organizational support has not been able to take part as a factor that can strengthens or weakens the relationship between the three variables mentioned earlier with the intention of someone to do whistleblowing.


whistleblowing; professional commitment; anticipatory socialization; locus of control; organizational support

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