PESANTREN DAN PENGEMBANGAN KURIKULUM KEWIRAUSAHAAN: Kajian Pesantren Roudahtul Khuffadz Sorong Papua Barat

Ismail Suardi Wekke


Pesantren is a unique instrument of Indonesian educational system.
Environmental adaptations enhance pesantren to modify institutional
change and development. Therefore, this research will explore how
pesantren widen the curriculum in term of enterprenurship. This study
was conducted in pesantren Roudhotul Khuffadz. It is located in Sorong,
West Papua province, eastern part of Indonesia. In depth-interview and
non participant observation were attended in collecting data. In term of
efforts to identify data validity, the research was extended from three
months to six months. The study shows that the pesantren Roudhotul
Khuffadz was presented many examinations and discussion in developing
its curriculum. In addition, they decided to empower curriculum with
entrepreneurship aspects. This decision was concluded to extend local
needs and students skills in enlarging their opportunities after school
age. Finally, this study recommends identifying socio-cultural in
pesantren environment in order to understand curriculum improvement.




Keywords: Pesantren, Curriculum, Entrepreneurship

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